Master Business

Setting up a business in Türkiye is our specialty

Master Business Company, in 2015 AD with the name Marino and Set Türkiye and with the aim of helping Iranian immigrants to meet needs such as business, residence and investment consulting was created and from the beginning had and has an important covenant and goal

    2.5 thousand

    Obtaining a permit


    Satisfaction rate

    Receiving representation of reputable companies in Türkiye

    Receiving representation of more than 100 reputable brands depending on your budget

    • Performing all the necessary tasks From beginning until starting your business
    • Architecture – Equipment – Placement
    • Cooperation with 15 specialized international franchise companies to expand your brand to global gates
    • Providing practical and scientific solutions to develop and increase the sales and profitability of your business
    • Performing all administrative activities to register representation
    • Compliance with all fair and principled contract standards

    Transfer and development of registered brand

    If you own a brand in Iran and intend to transfer or expand your business

    • Branding and official registration
    • Creating administrative infrastructures
    • Production of raw materials
    • Contract with mother companies and those needed by your brand

    Starting small and large businesses

    The skill or interest you have and want to offer it in Türkiye, setting up small and large businesses and small and medium-sized productions

    • Finding the best location for renting or buying a business place
    • Professional consultation to increase sales

    Productions and small and large businesses

    Single branch storesRestaurantPharmacyMobile repairsTool shopCafeBarCar washClothing and apparelSupermarketDry cleaningTraining centerJewelry storeBurgerFast foodMushroom cultivationPrinting on mugs, T-shirtsSock weavingTailor and clothing repairman
    Cooperation with 15 specialized international franchise companies to expand your brand to global gates
    Employment and training of efficient Turkish workforce along with insurance and training until becoming an efficient workforce
    Proper placement of your workplace based on information (most purchased products in each location)
    Performing all the necessary tasks From beginning until starting your business, architecture, equipment, placement, etc. until the business is ready to provide services
    Performing architecture and construction and decoration needed to start a business
    Providing practical and scientific solutions to develop and increase the sales and profitability of your business

    Partner Brands

    Our activities

    Specialist in any business

    Master Business Company, due to having extensive communications and effective contracts with reputable global and Turkish brands in various trade fields, by creating effective conditions, promotes and develops your business (with any background).

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    Cost savings

    Given the years of experience in setting up a business, it can be said that Master Business, in any situation, from providing the necessary tools, buying or renting a suitable business place to hiring a skilled workforce, preserves your capital and helps to maximize savings.

    Obtaining a business license

    In general, your sentence can be corrected as follows: Obtaining a license in the desired countries is a costly and time-consuming matter. Master Business Company obtains all the necessary licenses for your business with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.


    In case of any problem such as tax, raw materials, workforce, etc., Master Business is your supporter and companion to solve the problems step by step with precise and practical support.

    Business planning

    Master Business, having access to credible sources of information and data, is aware of the amount of buying and selling everywhere in Türkiye and can easily provide the best planning for the business.


    bita dorost kar

    Getting to Know Master Business

    Master Business Company is proud to have a long history in creating, launching, branding, developing and managing business activities in various fields, and can provide you, dear customers, with consultation and offer the right and cost-effective solution (both financially and time-saving) in the path of launching from zero to one hundred and then managing and profiting your business, in the big cities of Türkiye, Northern Cyprus and even opening the door of your business to Europe, we are with you and by offering suitable solutions, we help you to take long and firm steps in the path of success.

    Professional consultation for creating and developing a business

    Offering practical and statistical solutions for the right choice of location, type of activity and brand selection (franchise or local brand)

    Providing legal services and obtaining the necessary legal permits for various businesses

    Providing financial consulting services for you to oversee various legal issues of business, such as taxes and others, and offering a solution to reduce your business’s financial and governmental costs

    Members of Master Business Company

    Yousef Hashemi

    Advertising Director

    Engineer Yousef Hashemi is one of the successful entrepreneurs who has been able to register more than 9 successful private companies during this period.

    Amir Mousavi


    Graduated from software engineering, management and business setup in Türkiye and Northern Cyprus since 2015, branding consultant, trade and export and import of coffee and foodstuffs in Türkiye, Dubai and Iran, launching the brand Diamonds TEKNOLOJİ in Iran and Türkiye in the field of laptop trade and related industries since 1998.

    Peyman Jabarzadeh

    Web Developer

    Peyman Jabarzadeh is responsible for marketing and advertising at Master

    Amir Beheshtian

    Social Media Management

    Amir Hossein Beheshtian Mofrad has 5 years of sales consulting experience.

    Pouya Ranjedel


    Pouya Ranjedel, a graduate of architecture from EMU University in Cyprus, was born in 1371 Urmia, marketing and sales manager of VACATION & POINT SYSTEM in DEDEMAN chain hotels in 2009 and 2010, founder of the international company Bridge in Türkiye and Northern Cyprus.


    Customers Ask Us

    What costs are with us and what costs do you accept?

    Side costs – Advance money and rent – Commission fee, the rest of the costs are completely with us


    Mr. Mohammad Rezaei

    2 days ago

    In which cities do you operate?

    Istanbul – Izmir – Antalya – Northern Cyprus – Ankara


    Mr. Ali Gholizadeh

    29 days ago

    What is the minimum amount I need to start a business?

    At least to start a small business we need one billion Tomans


    Mr. Mohammadi

    67 days ago